Maryland Product Liability Lawyers

Maryland product liability law provides legal remedies for consumers and their families when products they purchase or come in contact with cause injury or death. In such cases, the law allows for the recovery of monetary damages when injury or death is caused by a manufacturing defect, a design defect or a defect in marketing, such as a failure to warn of known dangers associated with the product’s use. The Maryland product liability lawyers and attorneys at Cowie & Mott will discuss your case without fee or obligation.

Examples of products that cause injury include vehicles, such as forklifts, lawn tractors, construction equipment, motorcycles, boats, automobiles and trucks that have faulty or poorly designed components or absence of components. Other examples of products that can be defective are medicines, pharmaceutical products, consumer household products, and hazardous materials, such as toxic chemicals and poisonous substances or materials, such asbestos. Contact Cowie & Mott to speak with a Maryland products liability attorney.


Maryland Product Liability Lawyers

Maryland Product Liability Lawyers and attorneys handling cases involving dangerous defective products that cause injury or death


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